Camp Monadnock
Camp Monadnock
Phineas' Treasure 30 Footer Forest Ramp


This is the HOME PAGE for This website has been designed to give campers and counsellors who attended Camp Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH a chance to enjoy the memories and friendships made during a very formative time in their lives.

This site can be whatever they want to make of it; a thoughtful rememberance, a means of actively staying in touch and keeping up with close friends from yesteryear or a reliving of those days of our youth.

The Ernst family started Camp Monadnock and kept it (and us) alive for over 75 years! We dedicate this site to the Ernsts and thank them for enabling us "Nockers" to have had such a wonderful experience at The Nock. Hopefully, we can meet on the website and rekindle some of the old times!


Great Red Chief,
Tim Carnes

The Big One Reunion 2012

Frederick & Janie Ernst