Camp Monadnock
Camp Monadnock
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Forest Ramp
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Forest Ramp

Forest Ramp This is the FOREST RAMP page. We will try to have many camp related photos on this page. If you have photos you wish to share, feel free to post them by clicking the "add a photo" link to the left. Or, send photos via email or snail mail to the webmasters and they will be posted. Be sure to include subtitles and identifiers for all pictures.

Tent #5 1966 - Dick Robinson and Thornley Hart
Tent #5 1966 - Dick Robinson and Thornley Hart
Tent #5 1966 - Dick Robinson and Thornley Hart
Tent #5 1966 - Dick Robinson and Thornley Hart
Tent #5 1966 - Dick Robinson and Thornley Hart
Great red chief
Peter Tobin: 3/13
Tent #5 1966
Hon. Terry Miller
Kim Herter
Phelps Holloway, friend to the hip
Art/Ted first meet
Friday Warmth
Male Model
Terry Miller
Friday 01
Mr. & Mrs. Carew
Mr. Packard
Three Washingtonians
Former Camp Nurse
Great Red Chief
Old Angles, New Paint
Life Is Good
Male Model's Twin
Center Mass
The Counselors Did WHAT?
After Dark
Our Jinnie
Jinnie @ the Inn
Treshure Hunt Instruckshuns
Jinnie/Mother of God
El Numero Uno
Ours Forever
At the Inn 0
Michael Like the Food!
Black Is Beautiful
Went to Wa-Klo?
Communists at Reunion?
Offhand Shot
Jaffrey Meeting House
Can You Hear It Still?
2012 Reunion
Tent 10 1966
Shop 1966
Counselors 1966
The Pagoda 1966
Wes and Betty Floria, cooks 1966
Juniors 1966
Camp 1966
Counselors, 1956
Camp Nurse
Camp Photo, circa '61
Counselors, circa '61
The View from Mr. Ernst's Seaplane
Setting out on an LCT
Rifle Range, Circa '61
Baseball Team, circa '61-'63
Tennis Team, circa '61-'63
Junior Tent, '61-ish
Mr Sumner's honor tent
Unruly 'Nock Counselors 1967
Intermediate Tent 1967
Unruly 'Nock Counselors '67
let the war begin
tom cocks
the mountain
juniors 1968
juniors 68
intem 68r
Jungle 57
Staff 1960
Everyone 57
Everyone 1960
Robins in the hood
Staff 57 ?1959
Carmody Club
David S. Rogerson - Counselor, Division Head 1950s
The Jungle -1970
The Waterfront - 1970
Tent 3 - 1970
The Waterfront - 1972
Aides Tent Group, 1971
Red-Black Water Fight Action, 1971!
Soccer at the Upper Fields, 1971!
The Circus, Late Afternoon, 1971
Along the Knife Edge: 2,000' Drop Both Sides! 1971
Happy Campers! MEGA Nock Reunion at Peter and Jinnie Russell's Farm, Jaffrey, NH, 8/19-20/2006!
Happy Campers Part 2!
1954 Senior Tennis Team
The Jungle - a wild and crazy ride!
1954 Counselors!!
Roger Moister & Nanny Nock
Tent 3, 1954
Staff 1962
Staff 1960
Nock Counselors at their Best, 1966 (Detail)
Nock Counselors at their Best, 1966 (Detail 2)
Nock Counselors at their Best, 1966
Bob Cowden's tent group, 1952
Camping at the secret leantos, 1952
Nature Counselor with hawk, 1945
Dick Ernst's tent group, 1953
Junior Baseball, 1953
The road to Camp
All-Camp Group Photo, 1953
Morning Assembly, 1940s
Pumpelly Trail Hike, Mt. Monadnock, 1956
Photography instruction, 1953
* The Follies Grand Finale, 1956 *
Crack shots! ca. 1960
Mt. Monadnock and Thorndike Lake from the path to the Junior Division, ca. 1952
Spellbound in the Darkness with Peter Ferrara, mid 50s
The Lodge, 1950s
The One, the Only Carlotta Highlights the Grand Finale MONADNOCK FOLLIES, 1953
And for her adoring fans, who just can't get enough of her...
Spike Almy and "Davy Crockett," ca. 1954
Pingpong on the Lodge Porch, ca. 1954
End-of-Summer BANQUET, 1954
Division and Department Heads at the Ernsts' Cabin, 1955
Phineas T. Spaulding, ca. 1970
FSE and RDE, 1952
Arts & Entertainment: Who can forget.....
Red-Black Swim Meet - Gritty ACTION Photo, ca. 1953!
NAVAL WAR - Red-Black Furious SEA BATTLE! ca. 1956
Great Red Chief, ca. 1963
Song Book
the Ernsts visited by the Great Red Chief in Tryon, NC, ca. 1999
Phineas and his minions (Carnes, Cutler, Moister, Erichsen, Herter), October 1996
Reunion Auction 1996, Russell's Farm, Jaffrey, NH