Toxic cat food: Which products have been recalled and what is the disease pancytopenia

Scientists are continuing to examine a possible link between some common pet food brands and a cat disease that is causing large numbers of pets to die.

Vets are being swamped by cats that are suffering from pancytopenia, a bone marrow condition where the number of red and white blood cells, long with platelets, rapidly decrease – causing serious illness.

Cases have gone up dramatically in the last three months with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) saying they have seen 528 incidents, with 63.5 percent of them fatal.

But the true number of deaths could be much higher as some cases won’t have been reported to vets, or the vets may not have informed the RVC of the cases they’ve seen.

The RVC and Food Standards Association are still trying to nail down the cause of the deaths which is reportedly causing alarm and frustration to pet food suppliers and cat owners.

While investigations are still underway, scientists are looking at whether mycotoxins, toxic compounds naturally produced by various fungi, are behind the outbreak, said a statement on the RVC website.

The mycotoxins grow on crops before or after harvest and can be found, for example, on cereals, nuts dried fruits, or spices, especially under warm conditions.

The task is to find out if there is a connection to be found with these mycotoxins and the disease outbreak, although it is not necessarily the case.

The FSA has said it is looking at all possibilities including those that are not connected with food.

Certain pet foods have been recalled as a precautionary measure which are listed below:

Applaws Cat Dry Chicken

Applaws Cat Dry Chicken & Salmon

AVA Adult Fish

AVA Adult Mature Chicken 7+

AVA Senior Chicken 12+

AVA Sensitive Skin & Stomach

AVA Weight Management

AVA Hairball

AVA Oral Care

AVA British Shorthair

AVA Persian

AVA Maine Coon

Applaws Kitten Dry Chicken

by Sainsbury’s Hypoallergenic Recipe complete dry cat food with Salmon 1+ Years

by Sainsbury’s Hypoallergenic Recipe complete dry cat food with Salmon 1+ Years

Applaws Cat Dry Chicken & Lamb

Applaw Cat Dry Chicken & Duck

Applaws Cat Dry Ocean Fish

Applaws Cat Dry Senior Chicken

AVA Kitten Chicken

AVA Adult Chicken