Horse stuck in canal hoisted out of water by firefighters in dramatic rescue

A crane was used to hoist a stricken horse after it fell into a canal.

The dramatic rescue from the water at Beverley Beck in Hull, Yorkshire, was caught on camera earlier today.

Humberside Fire and Rescue responded to calls to pull the helpless animal to safety around 9.50am on Thursday.

After attempts to beckon the large horse back onto the bank failed to work, the crew resorted to using a crane, according to a witness.

The rescue was completed at around 11.50am.

The animal was said to be attempting to get back up onto the grass banking but kept slipping back into the water.

Firefighters were seen attaching crane ropes to the sinking horse before pulling it out the water with force.

A number of walkers in the area were watching as the incident unfolded.

A vet was in attendance who checked the horse following its rescue. It was reported to have no emergency health concerns.

Witness Gavin Hoe-Richardson recalls: “I was walking down Beverley Beck to film a YouTube video and the emergency services passed me.

“It was officially rescued around 11.50am.

“The horse was not submerged it was stuck in the water unable to get back up the bank.”

Humberside Fire and Rescue said: “We received a report of a horse being in the water around 8.30 this morning.

“Crew attended from Beverley and we used specialised equipment we use for larger animals from our team over there.

“The horse is absolutely fine and is with the vet.”

It comes after Good Samaritans tried to keep an orca whale wet when it became stranded on an Alaskan island a week ago.

Images show people pouring water on the killer whale after it got stuck on the coast of Prince of Wales Island last Thursday morning.

The 20-foot orca was injured and making a call that animals are known for.

The crew of a passing ship also helped by pumping water onto the beached whale.

They also got help from bystanders and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

The impressive mammal was eventually able to swim away when the tide came up later that afternoon.